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Our volunteers and financial supporters are the true cheerleaders behind our mission. We rely on committed individuals, companies, and groups to support our mission by volunteering, doing collection drives, and being cheer ambassadors. By spreading cheer with us, you are a true memory maker.

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Check out all the ways you can celebrate with The Land of Cheer!

Enchanted Birthday Magic

Celebration Volunteers

Volunteers are always needed to help staff our birthday parties and free community baby showers. Volunteers must be at least 18 years of age to volunteer and clearances (via Childline and PA State Police) are required. For special circumstances we will accommodate volunteers 15-17 with adult supervision.

Celebration Bakers

A birthday party is not complete without delicious birthday treats. We are always in need of volunteers to help bake cupcakes for birthday parties or cookies for our free community baby showers. The number of guests varies from month to month, but we ask that our baker volunteers be able to accommodate at least four dozen people. We have a no nuts policy.

Office Helpers

Volunteer to inventory toys, boutique items, and help us create birthday packages. This can be one-time or on-going at our office. We host this weekly service opportunity on Mondays and Wednesdays from 9-4 p.m. at our headquarters.

Treat Bag Creators

Volunteers can sign up to sponsor the treat bags for a birthday celebration. We usually need 4 dozen per party. Great family friendly opportunity to get involved.

Service Saturday Volunteers

Each quarter we host family friendly volunteer days at our headquarters. These events are from 9-12 p.m. and do fill up quickly.

Custom Volunteer Days

We will work with companies, groups, and clubs to organize special, custom volunteer projects.

Collections for a Cause

One of the many ways groups and individuals help support Beverly’s Birthdays is by organizing a Collection for a Cause, which is an in-kind donation drive. We are always in need of items to support our birthday and baby programs, and so we offer a variety of collection drive options to off-set our needs. We ask that before you launch a Collection for a Cause, please contact us and we can provide additional direction and support.

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Toy Collection Drive

We distribute Birthday Cheer Boxes (present packages) to over 11,000 children annually. Therefore, we are always in need of toys for all ages 0-21. In every box, we include a mixture of medium sized gifts, small stocking stuffer size items, toothbrushes, toothpaste, a snack, and a new book.

Beverly's Babies Supply Drive

We distribute newborn care packages, Itty Bitty Birthday Diaper Bags, to over 2,000 expecting mothers in need annually. We are always in need of specific baby care items for our Year of Cheer referral program.

Candy and Snack Drive

Everyone loves to get delicious treats for their birthday! In every birthday cheer box, we include snacks and candy boxes. Collect these items and spread cheer!

Hygiene Item Drive

We service over 11,000 birthday recipients annually, and we always include hygiene items in their Birthday Cheer Box. Organize a collection of these items and help spread cheer.

Boutique Clothing Drive

Our mobile fashion trucks accompany us to our group birthday celebrations each month. The birthday recipients get to “shop” on the boutique. All shoppers receive a new duffle bag, two/three new outfits, and a pajama pack.

Gift Card Collection Drive

Our teenagers have very specific birthday requests, and gift cards help us purchase those items and serve as great gifts themselves. You can help support these request by collecting gift cards.

Is it your birthday?

Celebrate your special day by helping us celebrate children in need. You can sponsor your Birthday Buddy, organize a Collection for a Cause, host a Facebook Fundraiser, or volunteer with us in honor of your special day. Together we can #sharethecheer.

Find your Birthday Buddy
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