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Heading to the Wild Wild West!

We kicked off fall by bringing in the Cowboys and Indians! There’s a new sheriff in town, so hold on to your horses while we show you how to have a western bash for your child’s next birthday party! The little sheriffs have a lot to look forward to…

We started this party off with Domino’s pizza from the Southside location at 511 East Carson Street. Help us repay them for their generosity with your business! from our awesome sponsor! The parties always start off with pizza because it isn’t a party until you have pizza!

Wild West Magic Scratch Ornament

The Wild West Magic Scratch ornaments were ordered from The Oriental Trading Company. The ornaments came in a variety of western themed shapes including boots, cactuses, & sheriff badges. Included with ornaments are a string for hanging and a scratching stick for each shape. This is a great activity for children of all ages. The kids used the included scratch stitches to scratch off the black top coat and reveal an array of colors underneath. No child was too old to scratch off magic!

Sheriff Badges

The sheriff badges are easy to make and the kids enjoyed designing their special badge. Templates for sheriff badges are available on outerwear. Simply find an outline of a sheriff badge online, trace or print the badge on construction paper (typically, yellow is used) and cut the badges out. We made sure to have the badges already cut out before the party as the cutting can be tedious for younger children. Markers, glitter pens, and stickers were used to decorate the badges to display each child’s name. These were a great craft in place of name tags! A piece of two way stick tape was used to make them stick the child’s shirt. Safety pins may also be used.

• Yellow construction paper
• Sheriff badges cutout
• Markers

Paper Bag Sheriff Vests

Paper bags can be bought at any local grocery store for around $.05 so this is a super cheap craft idea for anyone on a budget! Simply cut the bags down the middle of one side to resemble a vest. Then cut out two holes on each side for the arms and a circle at the top of the bag for the neckline. Markers, glitter pens, stickers, metal fasteners, and the previously made sheriff badges can be used to create the vests. We also cut the bottom of the bag in small long slits to resemble fringe! A little fringe gives everything a western feel! Yee-haw!!

• Large paper bags
• Scissors
• Markers

Cactus Hand Print

This craft can get a bit messy but it brings out the kids creativity. The kids dip their hands in green paint and can then decorate their own desert scene. We used red tissue paper to decorate the flower part of the cactuses. We encourage you to have wet wipes near by for an easier clean up!
• Construction paper
• Green paint
• Black pen
• Stickers
• Tissue Paper

Indian Headbands

You can’t have cowboys without Indians! Start with black poster board cut into strips. The best way to secure the size of the headband is to hold the strip around the childs head to measure, then use a stapler to hold the band together. Tape is also an option. The kids can then use feathers to decorate their headpiece to resemble an Indian chief!

• Black posterboard
• Scissors
• Stapler
• Feathers

Rodeo Round-up

The rodeo round-up game uses minimal preparation with maximum fun. Using three hula hoops and 9 ballons (3 colors and 3 of each color), the kids must round up one of each color into their “stable”. This game is suitable for children of all ages and helps to get out the Cowboys and Cowgirls extra energy! Using a single color of balloon and simply placing them all in one hula hoop is a great variation of this game to make it less challenging for younger ages children.

• Hula Hoops – 3
• Balloons – 3 colors, 3 of each color

Bottle Ring Toss

This game is fun and easy! This game resembles the ring toss from the fair. Take five glass bottles place them in a triangle shape- 3 in the first row, 2 in the second row, and 1 in the last row. Kids can use rings (we used plastic bangle bracelets) to toss and try to hook them on to the bottles. Want to make the game western themed? Paint the bottles with a cow print and use rings wrapped with twine.

• Glass bottles
• Rings

Learning How to Line Dance

For this party we had a special guest! Alicia came to teach the kids how to line dance to Wagon Wheel. At the end of the party, all the Cowboys and cowgirls game together to learn the easy choreography. The steps were very simple so even the younger children could participate. Ending the party with the line dancing made the children feel like they were at a real hoe down!



To wrap up the party, we sang happy birthday to each birthday boy and/or girl. Every guest of the party was sent home with these super cute and festive party favors!