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Our Services

Our services aim to empower and uplift families throughout all stages of life, from pregnancy through the first birthday, childhood, and the milestones of their adolescent and teenage years. Celebration is at the heart of everything we do, and our three divisions – Birthdays, Babies, and Basic Care – support tens of thousands of families in Southwestern PA every year.

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Beverly's Birthdays - Celebrations

We host group birthday celebrations at our agency partners facilities for children who have a birthday during that month/season. The guests are the other children in the program and their families (if applicable). We rely on volunteers to help support our work by volunteering their time to support our parties.

Beverly's Birthdays - Cheer Boxes

Every child deserves awesome birthday gifts on their special day. Our custom, curated Birthday Gift Boxes are distributed to over 10,000 children annually. We include gifts, books, hygiene items, snacks, toys, plush, and more. All items are new and packed with cheer and love.

Beverly's Birthdays - Classroom Cheer

We provide teachers in low-income elementary and primary schools throughout the Greater Pittsburgh region with their own Classroom Cheer Kit. This kit contains everything teachers need to recognize their students’ birthdays. Annually, our kits celebrate over 15,000 students.

Beverly's Babies - Baby Showers

As the region’s go-to free community baby shower provider, we host over 30+ showers annually for expecting and new families. We celebrate with over 750+ attendees, and they receive baby items, connect to resource providers, and are celebrated and supported. Learn more about our upcoming events. 

Beverly's Babies - A Year of Cheer

This referral-based initiative supports families with a child, 0-12 months, with critical baby care items up to four times in the babies’ first year. In Allegheny County, we work in partnership with Hello Baby, and we work with select agency partners in Armstrong, Butler, Washington, and Westmoreland.

Beverly's Babies - Formula Bank

The Beverly’s Babies division oversees Pennsylvania’s first public formula bank. The Greater Pittsburgh Infant Formula Bank is a network of public formula banks that support free formula for families struggling to afford or access formula for their children.

Beverly's Basics - The Boutique

Our Beverly’s Basics Boutique, a mobile fashion, accessory, and basic goods truck, supports thousands of families annually with essential goods. The truck accompanies us to our birthday celebrations and other community events and ensures families have new products to help their needs.

Beverly's Milestones

As a contract provider with Allegheny County CYF, we have the opportunity to celebrate youth in foster care with other special, important, meaningful milestones in their lives. We recognize special events like, graduation, new jobs, their first day of kindergarten, special holidays, and more.

Receive our Services

If you represent an agency that services children experiencing homelessness and/or families in need, and are interested in learning more about our work, or you are an individual in-need of birthday services, click the link to contact us.

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Making a Difference

Your contribution to our mission is a gift that lasts a lifetime for the children and families in our community. You give them hope, joy, and cheer during difficult and overwhelming situations. Become a Memory Maker!